The Spirit of Martial Arts


The Way of the Warrior has been misunderstood. It is not a means to kill and destroy others. To smash, injure, or destroy is the worst thing a human being can do. The real Way of a Warrior is to prevent such slaughter — it is the Art of Peace, the power of love. - Eushiba Morihei

Jiu Jitsu

A real jiu-jitsu warrior does not go around beating people down. Our defense is made to neutralize aggression. - Helio Gracie


Judo is the way to the most effective use of both physical and spiritual strength. By training you in attacks and defenses it refines your body and your soul and helps you make the spiritual essence of Judo a part of your very being. In this way you are able to perfect yourself and contribute something of value to the world. This is the final goal of Judo discipline. - Kano Jigoro


The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants. - Funakoshi Gichin


The purpose of practicing Kendo is to mold the mind and body, to cultivate a vigorous spirit ... to hold in esteem human courtesy and honor, to associate with others with sincerity, and to forever pursue the cultivation of oneself. This will make one be able to love his/her country and society, to contribute to the development of culture and to promote peace and prosperity among all peoples. - All Japan Kendo Federation