The following are good resources (recommended by the Irish Aikido Federation), but for complete beginners training for 6th Kyu they are not needed:

  1. The book "Progressive Aikido - The Essential Elements", by Moriteru Ueshiba (pub. Kodansha International)
  2. The DVD set "Essentials of Aikido Training" (prod. Ireland Aikikai)

Both of the above can be purchased by Irish Aikido Federation members at the National Training Centre, Trinity Technology and Enterprise Campus, UNIT 25, Macken Street, which also stocks the "Progressive Aikido" book.


It is difficult for beginners to take notes, so the following "electronic handout" -  containing brief notes, with links to short video clips - may be useful to "refresh the brain" about basic terms & training forms:   

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please contact meThe handouts should render well in any browser, if they are bookmarked or saved for offline viewing. If they are downloaded (rather than saved for offline viewing) to an android device, the embedding may not work. This is a limitation of Android, not the handouts, which are just "POH" (plain old html).